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Moira Dixon - 28 March 2002

If you read for pleasure and to relax, and you enjoy a good story, then this is a book for you.

The compelling tale of a guy who loses his memory after a suspected mugging and finds himself homeless. In his struggle to discover the truth about himself, he must first decide who to trust and how to survive in this alien environment. Then, when memories surface - are they real or wishful thinking?

The portrayal of sudden homelessness is thought provoking. You will be drawn in when you find that you can't help but consider what you would do in the victim's place.

But is he victim or villain? It turns out that his downfall is no accident. But to find out whether he is a rapist or his brother is a murderer, or whether the chief police investigator is corrupt - you'll have to read this excellent story for yourself!

Is Panglossian as good as The Nearest FarAway Place, the author's first novel? I loved the first book, so my expectations for the second were very high. It certainly didn't disappoint!